Porcelain Pour-Over Coffeemaker & Carafe Set (36oz)

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Limit 3 Cases per Person.

An elegant way to brew coffee in time-honored Melitta tradition of pour-over

Uses #4 cone coffee filters

A great second pot perfect for that second flavor coffee or those guests who prefer decaf.

Carafe holds 36oz of hot coffee.

Dishwasher safe.

Includes: Porcelain Carafe and top, porcelain brewing cone, and a start up supply of Melitta #4 cone filters.

Product Dimensions: 7” W – 5.75” D – 10” H

Replacement Cone Available 

Don’t be intimidated! The pour-over method is really a simple and quick way to handcraft coffee to your taste. Here are the steps to brewing your own pour-over coffee

1. Fold the seams of the Melitta filter and place in Melitta cone pour-over brewer. Place pour-over on top of carafe.

2. Scoop in finely ground coffee. The fresher the coffee the better.

3. Start with fresh, cool water. Heat the water to just below a boil.

4. Pour the water in a swirling motion to fully saturate the grounds and create agitation for optimal extraction. The slower the water is poured, the bolder and more developed the cup will be.

5. Enjoy your handcrafted cup of coffee!


Tip: Temper the carafe with hot water, then pour it out before brewing.

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marcia e.

This a response to Joe T. and keeping your carafe. My carafe sits on an old Salton 4 x 4 hot plate that I found at the Goodwill 10 years ago. Since Im Norwegian, I go overboard....I plug in the hot plate, pour about 1 cup hot tap water into the carafe to heat up the carafe while the spring water is coming to a boil in the electric kettle. Then, pour the carafe water into my coffee cup to heat it up while I am making the coffee. I also heat the cream in an Epica (without the frother) that I also got at a Goodwill years ago. The whole coffee process takes about 5 minutes. I still have my $300+ Technivorm coffee maker but the coffee just isn't as good as in the very simple Melita. So it sits out in the garage covered in dust. The Melita makes coffee faster and doesn't need to be decalcified for scale. Its so simple to clean with soap and water. I used to roast green coffee in a Goodwill popcorn popper for years,(after reading an article in Time Magazine...geez...maybe 20 years ago while waiting in a doctor's office. ), but eventually got an I-Roast and grind the roast in a Virtuoso. There is nothing better than pour over coffee. Melita products are good quality ceramics and are difficult to crack or break, hold the heat well on a hot plate for that second or third cup of coffee, easy to clean without chemicals.


We enjoy the Melitta we purchased! It works for us very well. Thank you

Albert M.

We use this carafe to prepare coffee for the two of us in the morning. I put 3 coffee-spoons of coffee into the #4 cone filter, then add water to the top. Stur until the water gets about 1/2 way down, then add more water to fill the filter to the top. The carafe becomes almost full of coffee. We have 3-4 cups of coffee in the carafe.Otherwise, I find that I need two full #4 filters to fill up the carafe.

Joe K.

Like it, but coffee does not stay hot in carafe. Can the carafe be placed on a heating element? My reason for choosing this porcelain pour-over set is to avoid plastic & metal elements.

Timothy M.

Nice porcelain that is easy to clean and pot, cone, and lid are very stable so not easily knocked over and broken.