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Melitta USA

Classic Decaf Coffee 10.5oz

Classic Decaf Coffee 10.5oz


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Delightfully Rich & Full Bodied. It's Hard to Believe it's Decaffeinated.

  • Medium Roast
  • Decaffeinated
  • Extra Fine Grind
  • Kosher Certified

Even our decaffeinated coffees are specially crafted to bring you The Flavor of Europe in Every Cup.™ We start with premium coffee beans handpicked, batch roasted and ground extra fine for the ultimate European coffee experience. With Melitta premium decaffeinated coffee, only the best is good enough.

Our European heritage is at the foundation of how we craft our coffees. Our exquisite fine grind releases the coffee's very best flavor, for always smooth, always rich enjoyment. It's decaf done right.

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