M-Xpress Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee 13oz Can

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Limit 3 Cases per Person.

This is coffee at its finest. Our premium espresso bean is crafted with over 100+ years of passion and European heritage. It starts with only the best coffee beans picked from the world's finest coffee growing regions. Then, we fire roast them in small batches using energy-efficient technology, so you get the best flavor and aroma from every bean. We do it all so you can enjoy a cup of velvety smooth espresso with our thickest crema ever.

Pairs perfectly with espresso coffeemakers. Try it today as a bold, drip coffee using your drip or Pour-OverTM coffeemaker.

  • Coffee blend using 100% super-premium Arabica beans
  • Roasted using solar energy
  • Coffee tin made from recycled materials
  • Freshness-valve
  • Packed hot from the roaster, like all our coffees
  • Ground Version:       Espresso grind
  • Espresso Version:     compatible and perfect for all espresso machines
  • Dark roast – rich, bold, and velvety

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