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There are a lot of perks when you join the Melitta Rewards Program.

Earn Points

Members easily earn points just by doing things coffee lovers already do. Take a look at the different options below.

Like us on Facebook

Like Us on Facebook100 points

Follow us on Instagram

Follow us on Instagram100 points

Share with a firend

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Place an order 1 point for every $1

Get Rewarded

When you’ve collected your points, it’s time to get rewarded. Treat yourself to these great savings, available when you redeem your points.

2,000 points
20% off voucher

1,500 points
15% off voucher

1,000 points
10% off voucher

500 points
5% off voucher

Share Savings

When you refer others to the Melitta Rewards Program, both of you get rewarded!

They Get:
10% off
their first purchase

You Get:
5% off
after their first purchase