Melitta Global Commitment

Better Coffee, Better Planet

The Melitta Group sees sustainability not only as a duty, but also as an opportunity: more and more people are intensively interested in the products they buy, in the origin, the components, the manufacturing process and the disposal of the product. We are responding to these requirements with our commitment to sustainability through:

Product & Supply Chain Responsibility

  • Sustainable product development
  • Sustainable sourcing of raw materials
  • Social and environmental effects in the supply chain

Environmental Responsibility

  • Waste prevention and reduction
  • Reduce energy consumption, emission and water consumption

Social Responsibility

  • Product safety and quality
  • Product transparency
  • Corporate citizenship

Responsibility for Employees

  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Health and safety at work
  • Employer attractiveness

Innovation Pipeline

Global Projects


  • Develop plastics which decompose within an eco-friendly length of time
  • Expand our range of reusable products and packaging
  • Reduce water consumption at our paper production sites by 25%
  • Implement a management system for reusable materials within the Melitta Group in line with the circular economy principle
  • Switch to using recycled paper and pulp wherever possible
  • Achieve climate neutrality for all emissions we cause and for all energy we purchase


  • Reach all target objectives in "Coffee of the Future" concept
  • Realize best-in-class status - in terms of energy consumption, durability, use of sustainable materials and repair and service offerings - for all our electrical appliances in their respective markets


  • Achieve climate neutrality for all emissions in our supply chain