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Pour-Over Coffeemakers

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What is Pour-Over Coffee?

With Melitta Pour-Over Coffeemakers, you can easily make handcrafted coffee. Just place a paper filter in the Pour-Over, scoop in your favorite coffee, pour hot water over the grounds and enjoy coffee that is rich in flavor and ready in seconds.

Founded in 1908

It was 1908 when a German housewife, Melitta Bentz, made coffee history. Tired of bitter coffee, Melitta poked holes in the bottom of a brass cup and lined it with a sheet of her son's blotting paper. She then filled the cup with ground coffee and poured in hot water, thereby creating the first pour-over filtration system. The flavorful coffee without bitterness or mess.

Handcrafted Coffee
in Seconds
Pour-Over Coffeemaker
pour-over coffeemakers
step 1: Put in Filter

Place the Melitta Pour-Over cone on top of your favorite mug and insert Melitta paper filter.

pour-over coffeemakers
step 2: Add Coffee Grounds

Scoop in your favorite fresh-ground coffee to taste.

pour-over coffeemakers
step 3 : Pour Over Hot Water

Pour hot water (just off the boil) into the cone, fully saturating all the grounds.

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Melitta Heritage Series Pour-Over Coffeemaker, Porcelain Brew & Serve Carafe Set (20oz) - Pastel Pink
Heritage Series Pour-Over Coffeemaker & Carafe Set - Porcelain, Pastel Pink
An elegant way to brew coffee in time honored Melitta tradition of pour-over
Melitta Signature Series Pour-Over Coffeemaker - Porcelain With Metallic Finish, 1-Cup, Gunmetal
Signature Series Pour-Over Coffeemaker - Porcelain with Metallic Finish, Gunmetal
Pour-over coffee, handcrafted in your home
Melitta Signature Series Pour-Over Coffeemaker, 1-Cup - Clear Tritan” width=
Signature Series Pour-Over Coffeemaker - TritanTM, Clear
Coffeehouse quality, ready in seconds