Melitta Pour Easy Deluxe 40oz Stainless Steel Pour-Over Goose Neck Kettle

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SKU 66368

Limit 3 Cases per Person.

The Stainless Steel Electric cordless kettle is perfectly designed for Pour-Over Coffee Lovers.

Thanks to the uniquely gooseneck design spout, you can easily control the amount of hot water to be dispensed into the pour-over cone.

  • Unique Gooseneck Spout for Ease of Pouring Control.
  • Handle designed for Easy to Grip and Pour.
  • Cordless Design with 360 Swivel and Detachable Kettle base.
  • Water Level Indication inside the Kettle.
  • Small Holes on the lid properly divert the steam to prevent steam burn.
  • Integrated Cord Storage.