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Melitta® Vision™ Copper White 12-Cup Luxe Drip Coffeemaker

Melitta® Vision™ Copper White 12-Cup Luxe Drip Coffeemaker


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Meet our VISION.

A visually stunning coffee maker that shifts its’ profile based on your space and taste.

Designed to fit your kitchen: Right, Left or Center

The true 12-cup (capacity: 60 oz) drip coffee maker allows you to enjoy your coffee to the MAX. It is surprisingly space-efficient, thanks to it’s 180º swivel touch control dashboard, which allows the consumer to place the coffee machine in their choice of three orientations; Ultimately maximizing the countertop space.

Watch what happens:

The LED illuminated water tank projects a stunning flame-like visual effect as hot water bubbles up the transparent riser tube before showering the ground coffee and releasing the enticing aroma of coffee.

Invest in the best:

Coffee is a great way to start the day, and with Vision’s dual thermal control system, excellent quality coffee is assured and maintained for up to 2 hours.

Vision’s design details display the blending of classic and contemporary elements. Interesting visual details

are everywhere on this unique machine; the spun texture on the glass lid knobs, the woodgrain accent

panels, the brew basket holder with chrome accent trim, glass carafe handle and the shower head pattern.

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